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Bad Bunny




Thank you BB


  • Executive Producer:

    Kevin Henry, Kyle Nolan

  • Creative Direction:

    Adrian Martinez, Bad Bunny

  • Scenic Design:

    Adrian Martinez, Jasper Heenan, Leon Letica

  • 3D Supervisor/ Art Direction:

    Jasper Heenan

  • Production Manager:

    Rolando Garbaloza

  • Sturdy Production Manager:

    Christina Alba

  • Lead Project Coordinator:

    Sophie Viscardi

  • Project Coordinator:

    Percent Han

  • STURDY. Visuals Team:

    Jasper Heenan, Jon Denton, Aaron Westwood

  • BB management team:

    BB management team:

  • Add’l Notes:

    Thank you to all the incredible animators & teams who collaborated with us on this one.


  • Creative Direction
  • Content Creation
  • Show Production
  • Stage Design
  • 2D Content Animation/Production
BB 04